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Yeya Ekström


Yeya Ekström is an accredited and well-established choreographer from Stockholm, Sweden whose popularity and highly creative and innovative style of dance is well known throughout the world.

Best known for her unique ability to combine dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, House and Hip Hop into her Choreography, Yeya is often regarded as Sweden’s most accomplished choreographer/teacher and has worked all throughout Europe and across the Atlantic.

The teacher

For many years Yeya has been a sought for teacher and choreographer which have led to her travelling worldwide as an independent artist. In her travels Yeya has held dance lessons in some of the world’s most popular dance studios. To mention a few :

Broadway Dancer Center - New York City, USA
Boogiezone - Los Angeles, USA
Dance 411 Studios - Atlanta, USA
Juste Debout School - Paris, France
8Count Dance Complex - Montreal, Canada
Model-357 - Moscow, Russia
University College Of Dance - Stockholm, Sweden
The Ballet Academy - Stockholm, Sweden

Also studios in :

USA, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Mallorca, Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Canada, Gran Canaria.



The artist developer

Yeya is also well known within artist development both in Sweden and USA. She’s been a coach at Atlanta’s leading artists development center “The Complex” where she collaborated with Devyne Stephens who is known as former choreographer for artists such as Usher, Pink, Boyz II Men, TLC and discovering American artist Akon.

Today she is the responsible stagecoach and choreographer for the artist John Martin, known from Swedish House Mafia who recently released his hit single "Anywhere For You".



The choreographer

Yeya has experience as a choreographer not only for stage but also for TV, commercials, fashion shows and music videos.

She is able to direct and choreograph not only dancers but also actors on set. She’s been working with Universal Records both in France and Sweden, the Swedish Tv-production company Strix, Stiller Studios and the advertising agency Masscreation in Stockholm.


The dancer

In 2011 she became a member of the famous "Ladies of Hip Hop Crew" which is based in New York and created by Michele Byrd McPhee, an ensemble that contains the best female dancer and pioneers of Hip Hop today.

Right now Yeya is still traveling around the world to teach and choreograph, and is a member of the French hip hop crew "Kaynix" which recently won the competition "Dance Delight", in Paris, the largest street choreography contest in the world today. The final is in Japan this fall.